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Having a website, or blog, for your business has become to be expected for just about any business. People automatically turn to the internet when they have a problem and want to find a solution, fast. Some businesses complain that it's not enough to have 'just' a great website. Once you have a nice site, then it's time to begin thinking about how you're going to drive traffic to it. The best way to achieve this is through proper search engine optimization or SEO. If you're optimizing for search traffic, then along with other factors you're making possible getting ranked on the first page of Google. If you succeed with SEO, and get your high rankings, then you'll be flooded with the kind of leads, traffic, and sales you've been dreaming about. There's a big difference in traffic between the first position and the third, so go for the number one spot.

While it can be very easy to focus in on just one variable of optimization, it is important to focus on all of them. Page rank becomes the obsession of many marketers. While page rank is important, there are several factors that help in determining a site's rank. Page rank alone will not determine how well your site is doing. Being able to create backlinks and keeping your site optimized is also an important factor. There are other factors that help your site more in the long run than page rank. The thing that will help the most is making a list of areas where you can improve regarding SEO.

In some of your pages, don't overdo it, but you can bold or italicize your keywords/tags in your content. That is just something that will help you, everything contributes something, and it's not used on a lot of websites, either. It's impossible to say how much, but the search engine algorithms will add some degree of weight to your keywords when you do that. But always remember that you should never overdo anything with SEO. Just implement them two or three times and that's all that matters. Also include primary and secondary keywords/phrases in your H1/H2 tags. As you can guess, these words treated in such a manner will add more SEO weight to them. Remember that each of your website's pages should have one or two targeted keywords in the start of the page.

If you don't have these aspects already researched, then what will happen is you'll have to go back and redo your site for the correct words, or just quit. If you hire a designer to build your site, then be careful it is not done in Flash, or with heavy use of graphics unless your niche calls for it. Search engine bots cannot read Flash, and if you use it you'll have a hard time getting your site crawled plus other headaches. It's just that if you use Flash, then you will be defeating the purpose of doing SEO in the first place. SEO can get you all you want from the search engines, that's a plain fact of online marketing. So remember to avoid using Flash, and be sure you use the proper long-tail phrases properly choosed, of course. There are check here other benefits for doing SEO, such as being looked upon like you're an authority site, plus you'll be building trust and credibility.

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